Welcome / Willkommen

Hi, I'm Frau Lyoner.

I'm one of these modern-day wizards that make amazing things happen with the magic of coding. My magical abilities were discovered in the year 2011, since then I spent a lot of time on learning and refining my powers. Java is only one of my various magic spells that I use for breathing life into things. I love to create usable web applications that bring joy and happiness to people by solving their problems.

I live out my passion for beautiful projects and clean code in my job at the wonderful company synyx in Karlsruhe, Germany. There I'm also known as Aljona Buchloh (nee Murygina).

That's me!


I'm quite active on GitHub, especially on the vacation management tool and on where2dump.

Check out my GitHub page to see the projects I contribute to.


On meinimalismus.de I write about my way to a minimalist life.

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Sometimes I leave the digital world and enjoy being creative in an analog way. Since 2015 I'm highly infected with the Lettering virus.

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